Part 2: 5K

There's a dark beast stalking our heroes, and zombies on their trail. What secrets does the labyrinth hold?


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Scene summaries may contain spoilers
In the present day, Jack and Eugene have seen something they're a bit excited about. They'll send you a photo later Five! For now, you have a long run ahead! Flashback to their adventure. Our heroes are still in the Great Forest with their companions, Elsbeth, Jessamyn, and Sian. Little do they know that they have finally reached their destination. The map begins to glow, the light and heat waking them up, and in the distance they spot what they have been searching for.
The labyrinth which has risen from the ground is huge and Jack and Eugene can't even see the top of the walls. Elsbeth spots a door in the wall, but before they can investigate further, the forest is filled with the sound of zombies attracted by the noise. They'd better get through that door!
Our heroes make it into the labyrinth, and encounter Chicory, who explains that you are in the Heart's Labyrinth, at the centre of the Great Forest. The only way out is to reach the centre of the Labyrinth. But they must be careful because they are being hunted by the beast which attacked Jessamyn in the forest.
The group sees the shadow of the great beast, and manage to hide against the wall, but it circles back and seems to be closing on them. Thankfully, there's convenient puppet maze shortcut, and a friendly soul to help them out!
Ginger takes the group to a cosy area, which is set up for a sumptuous tea, and talks over the team's plans. Ginger tells the group to know their heart before they blow the horn. During tea, Sian begins to feel sick, and Ginger drives the group out to avoid damage to the furniture if she vomits.
Our heroes are close to the centre of the Labyrinth now, and the walls have given way to large open plazas, buildings, and impossible stairways. They encounter Barberry who tells them that they're far too big to remain. If they're here when the beast passes, it will spot them and destroy everything. The group explains that they aren't here to stay, and Barberry starts to tell them where the exit is. A warning horn blows, and the zombies start to flood the village. They need to be led away!
The team leads the zombies towards the river, hoping that they can get them to fall off the bridge. Jack trips and falls, and Eugene stops to grab him just as the group hears the beast again. It's coming after them! They run down a side passage.
Jack and Eugene reach a dead end and the zombies are approaching! It looks like there's nowhere left to go. Suddenly, hundreds of arrows hit the zombies, and Barberry praises them for being clever enough to lead the undead into firing range. The beast disappears. Barberry invites the group back to the village to plan their next move!
The group arrive back in the village and are welcomed as heroes. Barberry invites them to stay there, and Jessamyn, Sian, and Elsbeth seem to want to stay. Who knows if they'll find a better place out there? Eugene worries about the beast, but Barberry explains that if they go to the crossroads and blow the horn found there, the exit will open, and the beast will be dismissed. It will leave and trouble them no more. However once it is gone, the exit will close permanently. Eugene seems determined to reach the horn, so you head off.
Our heroes have reached the horn. Jack worries that if they keep going, things will change and they might not be okay, but he doesn't want to give up on the good things. Still, if this is how things need to be, then he understands. Eugene blows the horn, and the great beast lets out a hunting cry. Eugene reveals he plans to escape: they just have to beat the beast to the door!
They're so close, but it's gaining on them. Keep running!
They've reached the door and managed to get it open. Eugene explains how he found himself free of fear. He tells Jack to not look back, and they share a passionate kiss. In the present day, Eugene apologises for taking so long to get his head straight, and Jack teases him affectionately.


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Kym Miller
Sarah Griffin
Sarah Griffin
Eugene Woods
Nathan Nolan
Rose Wardlaw
Jack Holden
Rhys Jennings
Kym Miller
Rose Wardlaw
Matt Wieteska
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman