Part 3: 5K

One foot in front of the other. It's a long way, but you aren't alone.


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Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Jack and Eugene are on the final stretch of their story. Their spaceship has been hit by a torpedo and Jack tries desperately to get Captain Boyfriend to the lifeboat before the hull breach destroys the ship. Jessamyn says that the lifeboat won't make it to New Canton, but there are rumours about a place called Abel, an old farmhouse where they might be able to get help. Jack gets Eugene into the lifeboat and they set off for Abel.
Jack keeps trying to encourage Eugene. He spots a river ahead – there's a river near Abel! They're on the right path. Jack remembers a story he heard about the first sign of civilisation being a healed femur, a sign of care. He holds onto that story as they keep moving.
It's started to rain and Jack slips on a wet rock. To make matters worse, there are zombies approaching. Old puppet friends Chicory, Barberry, and Ginger appear and tease him, before asking what he's going to do in this situation. Jack declares that he's going to get up, get Eugene, and then he's going to walk.
Jack keeps walking. The Hedge Knights regard the map, Abel glowing golden upon it. They're worried he won't make it. He can't carry Eugene and fight off the zombies at once. But there is a spot at the river, a ford between two rocks, where he might be able to make a stand.
Jack reaches the ford and settles Eugene down, then faces off against the zombies with trusty W.G. Finally the zombies are defeated and it's time to keep moving.
In the darkness, the Beast hunts again, and Jack is alone. In this darkest moment the unicorn from Jack's shirt appears again, and urges Jack to take its mane and drop his burden. Eugene would leave him if their positions were reversed! Jack refuses and the unicorn laughs as it flies away, leaving Jack to face the renewed interest of the undead.
The space lifeboat is going down! Jack hails for help, but the signal is lost. However, he picks up a faint homing beacon. In the distance, a red light blinks.
They're so close, but Jack realises that Eugene isn't responding. He gives him the last of the water and Eugene seems to revive a little. Eugene reminds him of the emergency radio and they hear a faint message from Abel.
The signal from Abel is telling people about an approaching horde. Home stretch! Jack pushes on.
As they approach Abel, a shot nearly hits them. Abel thinks they're zombies! With the undead behind, and snipers ahead, Jack starts to run.
So close! But Abel is ordering the the gates shut. Hurry!
They're nearly at the gates, but the snipers have Jack and Eugene in their sights. Eugene implores Jack to stop and raise his hands and the snipers realise they're not zombies. They raise the gates and get Jack and Eugene inside to safety. And that is the only slightly embellished story of how Jack and Eugene fell in love and arrived at Abel. And it looks like you, Runner Five, have a wedding to attend!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Abel Operator
Six to Start Ensemble
Kym Miller
Sarah Griffin
Sarah Griffin
Eugene Woods
Nathan Nolan
Rose Wardlaw
Jack Holden
Rhys Jennings
Kym Miller
Rose Wardlaw
The Unicorn
Torian Brackett
Matt Wieteska
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman