Part 1: Training Mission 2

Jack is ready for a weekend raving with his mates, but there's something dark in the woods.


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Part two of Jack and Eugene's grand story begins... Jack meets his friends on a train platform; they're going to a rave. He's excited to tell them he's found a new place for them all to live after they've been kicked out of their squat, but they're more excited about the upcoming weekend. Lily had animal t-shirts printed for everyone – Jack's is a unicorn. He's going to help out at the rave doing drug testing and has scored tickets for them to see the Wizard, who will guide them on a psychedelic journey.
The rave is in full swing and Jack is in the Party Safe tent testing people's drugs. Kyle didn't wait to test his before taking them so he's staying with Jack. Lily swings by to collect tickets for the Wizard. Kyle starts to get anxious about a bad batch that makes people violent, but Jack reassures him.
Jack joins his friends in the Wizard's tent for some elevated meditation. The unicorn from his shirt comes to life! It's going to take Jack on a beautiful psychic adventure!
The unicorn leads Jack down a rainbow to his dad's old house, the only place he was truly happy. He can hear his friends in the background: he's passed out and there's something violent happening at the rave. He wants to go back and help them, but the unicorn warns him it's a dark place.
Jack comes round to the sound of his friends arguing whether to leave him – there's a riot going on but surely someone will be along soon to help. Lily already feels guilty as they've agreed to move into a flat without him. As Jack realises what his friends are saying, the vision of the unicorn swells darkly and orders him to run!
There's something truly terrible happening at the rave and Jack flees, urged on by the threatening voice of the unicorn. His friends' abandonment is overwhelming and in his state he can't get far. He runs into Kyle who gives him water and helps him further afield.
Kyle takes Jack as far away from the rave site as he can. He's going to come back for him, but for now he has to leave him sleeping on the forest floor. Little does Jack know who's racing towards him...


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Six to Start Ensemble
Eugene Woods
Nathan Nolan
Jack Holden
Rhys Jennings
Will Green
Rose Wardlaw
The Unicorn
Torian Brackett
The Wizard
Kym Miller
Matt Wieteska
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman