Part 2: Training Mission 1

No plan survives first contact with the undead.


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Jack and Eugene discuss their plan to break into a shopping centre for supplies. Jack will go in, while Eugene stays outside to keep an eye on the horses. They're planning to stick to the wilderness so they'll need camping supplies and clean clothes. The car park of this shopping centre was empty so hopefully it isn't full of zombies. They have walkie-talkies to keep in contact. Jack climbs through a window to get into the building.
Jack moves stealthily through the store only to have to go back for his rucksack. Eugene spots some banners for a camping sale and directs Jack in that direction. As he moves, they work out radio ettiquette.
Eugene tells Jack that he's going the wrong way, but Jack insists that he's standing still. Which means the person moving is probably a zombie. Jack reluctantly agrees to keep looking for food for another couple of minutes. The zombie seems to catch Jack's trail, and he has to run.
The zombie has got stuck, but it will free itself soon, so Eugene tells Jack that he needs to kill it. Jack finds a cricket bat to use as a weapon, but by the time he's psyched himself up to kill it, the zombie has vanished. They can't leave it wandering around, so better to find it and kill it now.
Eugene narrates the scene like a nature documentary. Jack stalks through the shopping centre after the zombie, but ends up hiding instead, too afraid to get near it right now. He tells Eugene that he killed it, and decides to head back.
Jack and Eugene load up the horses with their supplies, and bicker about their camping experience. Eugene heads inside the building to pass out the last of the supplies, and takes a look in the record shop while Jack keeps watch. Jack spots a zombie, and with Eugene in danger, is able to kill it with the cricket bat. Now safe, they finish preparing to move out.


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Eugene Woods
Nathan Nolan
Jack Holden
Rhys Jennings
Matt Wieteska
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman