Part 2: Training Mission 2

The age of peace is over, but the quest continues!


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It's been six weeks of travel, and Jack pokes at some scratches he's got from barbed wire. Eugene cleans it up with antiseptic. He'd never thought antiseptic would be their most used supply. They feel a bit bad for having raided a family-owned pharmacy, but it had been useful. Unfortunately, the horses have run off. They'd better go find them!
They tramp through the forest, and Eugene tries to discuss what had happened the other night and what that meant, when he realises that Jack has vanished too. He hears something growl in the woods, and flees.
As Eugene runs, he encounters Jessamyn, who's been attacked by the beast in the forest. She begs Eugene to fetch a black bottle out of her pack. Eugene find the bottle, and she drinks it quickly. She doesn't know what the beast is, but it hunts along with zombies. She says her group had heard of a safe haven in the mountains. But first you must escape the forest.
Eugene and Jessamyn crash through the trees and finally find Jessamyn's friends, Elsbeth and Sian. Elsbeth interrogates Eugene about where he came from, but Sian and Jessamyn agree that he should travel with them. They produce a map which should hopefully lead them to safety. Eugene says that he can't leave Jack. The beast roars nearby, and the others wish Eugene luck and run. Eugene follows after them.
Eugene and his companions hide while the beast hunts them. Finally it moves off after hearing a sound. Eugene worries about abandoning Jack and finally the others agree to go and find him.
Eugene throws caution to the wind and finds Jack stuck in a tree because of the zombie at the bottom. Sian kills the zombie, and Jack explains that he was doing fine but then he lost W.G., his cricket bat. Jessamyn points out that they should probably keep moving, before the beast comes back. Jack is rather confused by the beast and the map, but takes it in stride.


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Sarah Griffin
Eugene Woods
Nathan Nolan
Jack Holden
Rhys Jennings
Kym Miller
Rose Wardlaw
Matt Wieteska
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman