Part 3: Training Mission 1

With winter approaching, our heroes set out to seek new life, and new sources of supplies.


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Our intrepid storytellers Jack and Eugene are back, with the next part of their tale. They're seeking refuge from the plague. Winter is approaching, and with it the need to find somewhere with enough supplies to keep them going. They've been scouting from their spaceship but haven't found anywhere safe. They pick up a desperate transmission from a small group trapped and under siege by zombies. They transport down to see if they can help.
The away team arrive at Farnbringham, where the message came from. There's smoke and signs of an attack on a settlement. Jack and Eugene head further in only to encounter a large horde of zombies. Better move quickly!
Jack and Eugene climb onto a roof to avoid the zombies. They manage to contact the survivors. Feeney, the survivor on comms, says he can guide them through the town, but it won't be possible to cover the whole distance over the rooftops.
Jack and Eugene sneak through the town. There are zombies everywhere and they have to move quietly. There is a tense moment when Jack steps on a crisp packet, but they make it past the horde.
Jack and Eugene reach the school, and it doesn't look good. There are signs of gunfire, perhaps an ambush. Elsbeth worries that they're being led into the kill box for an attack. They try to contact the survivors on the radio but get no response. There's some cars approaching, so they'll have to move quickly. Jack insists that these people need help, and Eugene agrees to see what they can do.
The square is full of barricades funnelling the team into the centre, and Eugene spots weapons on the rooftops. It looks like a trap, but Jack says that they have to have faith. They get through the kill box without incident and approach the school.
The other vehicles are getting closer and Eugene tells Elsbeth and Jessamyn to get the van, sorry, spaceship, out of sight. They can swoop in to rescue them and any survivors, then get out of there. Jack and Eugene move a skip to get into the school and the survivors thank them. They pile into the square and the Unicorn's Kiss takes them to safety!


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Sarah Griffin
Eugene Woods
Nathan Nolan
Torian Brackett
Jack Holden
Rhys Jennings
Kym Miller
Rose Wardlaw
Matt Wieteska
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman