Training Mission 1

On the trail of a secret weapon cache which could prove the answer to the zombie plague. But can you really trust your information? Or will what you seek become your downfall?


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You're out for a run with Sam, who has escaped the comms shack for the day. Janine is on the radio. You're on a simple scouting mission on a tip from Fliss Chandler, a friend of Janine's. The tip said that Fliss had found a weapon that could potentially end the "zombie situation". Fliss had agreed to meet Janine in person, but never made it to Abel. However, she did tell Janine where they might find the weapon.
You spot bicycle tracks in the mud. Janine has information about a horde in the area so keep a look out for stragglers. You're heading to Skipton Tor, which was supposedly built by an actual wizard called Thomas Skipton. Fliss sent Janine the only copy of his work, the "Liber Diabolicus". It's an impressive tome, but she doubts he was actually a wizard. He apparently had a secret room under his house – a good place to hide a weapons cache. Sam says that doesn't sound as interesting as the legend about a magic wishing coin that gives you anything you want.
You're close to the Tor, but the horde is close by. They seem distracted. Sam wonders what he would wish for if the coin was real, but Janine reminds him that the legends say the wish is bound to be twisted to evil. Sam says that he'd wish for the zombie plague to be over. But look up ahead! The people with the bikes are ahead and the zombies are heading right for them. You need to help!
The cyclists are bogged down in the mud, and Sam wants to help them, but Janine says it's too dangerous. In a few moments, the horde will surround them and you can't reach them. Sam tries shouting to warn the cyclists, but they can't hear you. The horde has noticed you and you need to run if you want to survive!
The Tor is just up the hill and it was chosen for its defensive capabilities. Sam is distressed about not being able to save the cyclists, and how they'd probably been going to help another settlement. You head around the perimeter wall to find a way inside.
Janine tells you to look for a carved stone – it should mark a secret entrance. Unfortunately, you don't know what the stone is carved with. The zombies are approaching, so you climb the rubble to get inside the palisade. As you do, Sam spots a stone with a carving of two serpents biting their own tails, the same symbol as on the cover of the Liber Diabolicus! Sam thinks he hears someone laughing, but there's no one around but the zombies. You jump down into the courtyard , but there's no time to rest... the zombies are throwing themselves off the wall after you. Run!
There's no sign of the secret chamber, and the ruins are filling up with zombies. Janine checks the book again and reads a description. Sam thinks it refers to the well of the Tor. You climb down the rope into the well, and find a tunnel leading off from the side. You're losing Janine's signal but you keep going and spot a glow coming from the end of the tunnel. There's nothing there but a gold coin on the altar. Sam picks it up but it seems normal. Maybe it's the wishing coin? What have you got to lose? Sam wishes that the zombie plague had never happened.


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Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman
Zombies, Run! Writing Team