Training Mission 2

With your odd treasure in hand, you return to Abel. But do things seem different to you?


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For a second there, Sam actually thought the coin might grant his wish to end the zombie plague. You should get out before the zombies trap you there. Strange though, Sam was holding the coin but now it's there on the altar. You should take it back to Abel. You don't hear any zombies, and there's only static on comms. There's a stairway in the side of the well that you must have missed on the way down. As you climb, Sam thinks he sees a pair of glowing eyes in the dark. Must be your imagination. There's no zombies in the courtyard, but you can't get hold of Janine. You'd better head back to Abel.
It's a lovely evening and there's no sign of zombies anywhere. There's even people out in the fields, who seem to have been cutting wood for fence posts. Sam tries to warn them about the zombies but they don't seem friendly. You hear a tannoy from Abel Township giving a 15-minute warning for the gates being closed. You didn't know Abel had loudspeakers, but you should hurry anyway!
You reach Abel and find the gates still open, but since you left this morning, they've installed mirrors on the walls and have giant crossbows. Jody calls you over to the trees, and Sam comments on how different Abel looks. Sam jokes about the wishing coin having actually done something. Jody says that the defences are always changing to keep ahead of the enemy. Jody seems very pale. She says she's been out in the infected zone so long that she feels like she won't be welcome back. But she's just being daft! She says it's quicker if you go through the trees so you follow her. Maybe Janine can explain everything.
You have five minutes before the gates close. It looks like they're ready for an invasion. Jody says they attack every night at dusk, but seems confused when Sam mentions zombies. You're heading away from the gate rather than towards it, but Jody seems unconcerned. She gets a weirdly entranced Sam to tilt his head, but Sam breaks free of the hypnotism and you hit Jody. Her faces changes and you realise that she's a vampire! Jody attacks and you shoot her, but she's getting up again. You need to run!
The gates begin to close and you barely make it inside. Jody is hit by a crossbow bolt and explodes into flames! You're met by Alice Dempsey, and she's aiming the crossbow right at you. She asks how many times she has to kill Sam, and calls him a haemovore. Sam proves he's alive and Alice is amazed. Sam tries to explain and Alice takes the coin from him. Sam explains he wished to get rid of the zombies and Alice insists that she's never seen zombies. Sam thinks you must have changed reality. Alice is taking you to Janine. Run!
Sam is horrified at the sight of Abel; it looks like they've been fighting an all-out war for years. Maybe it's worse than the zombies. Alice brings Janine over, calling her Colonel, and explains the situation. Janine is suspicious and thinks you're zombie fans trying to infiltrate. Sam begs Janine to recognise him, but you're interrupted by the sound of an attack. Janine insists that they're not abandoning Abel. She will listen to your story once after you fend off this attack.
Janine takes the machine gun, but it will only slow them down. They're very different to zombies, and smarter too. Alice shoots one and it explodes. She warns you to avoid the fluid when they explode, or you'll become one too. Sam apologises to Alice for causing this with his wish, and tries to convince Alice he is really Sam, but even your memories are different. She admits that he is as annoying as her Sam. Sam starts to explain your universe, and it turns out that Van Ark also caused the vampire plague. The haemovores are bringing down the wall and they're inside. The East Gate is your only chance!
You're nearly at the gate, but the haemovores have you surrounded! Janine says you'll go down fighting and take as many of them with you as you can. Sam says that they could use the wishing coin, and Alice backs him up. What have you got to lose? Janine thinks it's ridiculous and takes the coin. She wishes that every vampire were wiped from the face of the planet.


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Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman
Zombies, Run! Writing Team