Cape Wrath: 10K

With the facility under hostile control, and the contagion spreading, you have only one objective: Run!


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Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You'll run to an extraction point where you'll be flown to safety. You are joined by Lieutentant Philip Cheeseman who says he's your best chance to escape. He even tells you to verify by using your phone camera! Run!
You leave the facility and head into the jungle. Phil says he's with Arktech Security and was on manoeuvres when things went south. He shows you how to use night vision scanners to spot the enemies. Alice spots someone watching from the roof, probably Frances. You'll need to move quickly – they can't follow you in the sun, but it will be night soon.
Vijay theorises that this has happened before and is what created the vampire myths. Maybe other "impossible" things are real too! Though probably not zombies – we are talking about science, after all. A bomber flies overhead and you pick up a radio signal saying that a group of "ramblers" attacked a security unit. The contagion has spread beyond the base.
Van Ark draws a gun. He knew what happened already; the secret to eternal life is a fortuitous accident, but he must be able to replicate the results. He orders Phil to disarm you, but he refuses. In the scuffle, Van Ark escapes, and now there are at least five of those creatures nearby.
Alice says she won't let Frances be killed. There must be a cure, and Frances saved you. The radio says that Operation Blackstone is authorised: they're going to carpet bomb the whole area to contain the contagion. If you're lucky, you have an hour.
You're still being followed, but Phil's tracker is silent. Alice says he's been leading you towards the vampires. You hear Frances' voice, and Phil speaks as though hypnotised. He shoots Vijay in the leg, and then runs off towards the monsters. You need to get moving quickly!
You hear Frances singing. Alice says it's something their mum used to sing. Frances appears and promises that the others will leave Alice alone. She can influence your minds like she did with Phil. Frances doesn't want a cure! She bites Vijay, but you drive her away with the UV light. Run!
Vijay is still bleeding and worries he'll turn into one of them. You hear soldiers and they're accompanied by Van Ark. Get to the trees!
Vijay says your helicopter is not too far and it might be safer than the extraction point. However, Phil may have told Frances about it. Vijay says he'll stay behind as a distraction, but Alice won't let him.
You're surrounded by Van Ark's people and he's going to use you as bait for Frances. Frances attacks a solider and mind-controls them to stop the airstrike. She tears the soldiers apart, but Van Ark runs towards the helicopter. After him!
Frances rips out Van Ark's throat. Get to the chopper while she's distracted!
You've made it! You climb into the helicopter while Vijay distracts Frances. Alice argues with Frances, and manages to get her to release Vijay. She vanishes into the forest. You take off, with Alice giving you a destination. She trusts Janine De Luca, so head for Abel Township.


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Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman
Zombies, Run! Writing Team