You Spin Me Round

The time has come to take Abel back from The Minister, but getting past your own defences will take practice.


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The mission to take back Abel has begun. The Minister's taken the bait, you've slipped past her defences, and everything's going to plan - until you're shot to death by soldiers.
The mission to take back Abel has begun. You make it inside, but won't get to the armoury without Janine fighting off the guards. Turns out there's too many for one person. With Janine dead the mission's aborted.
The mission to take back Abel has begun. Inside the township walls you and Janine opt for stealth and cunning to take out the guards, but Janine's forgotten the armoury alarm and you're both killed.
Sam wants to take a break from these 'war games' but Janine feels close to a solution. This time the plan involves hang-gliding in, which would work apart from the anti-aircraft guns that can shoot you down.
Going through the motions of the plan again you make it inside Abel and the Minister escapes in her convoy. Janine deals with the guards while you grab Abel's 'non-compliant' residents.
This plan seems to work better; neither you or Janine are dead yet. The 'non-compliant' residents have to be sprung from a newly built prison, but the escape route takes you through kindergarten. Sam decides you can't risk the children and improvises.
Sam's improvised plan may involve some casualties, but there's strength in numbers and your freed prisoners can take on the guards by the armoury.
Armoury guards dispatched, you can now use the weapons to get to the township command centre and re-take Abel.
In the command centre you find Ian Golightly, who may or may not help you stand down the guards. Either way, Janine's happy with this plan, and you're out of time. You'll take back Abel tonight.


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Janine de Luca
Eleanor Rushton
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Natasha Staples
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Six to Start Ensemble
Soldier 2
Six to Start Ensemble
Naomi Alderman
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman