Get The Party Started

Getting the Minister's command code requires spying on her from outside an airborne zeppelin. Don't look down!


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Everyone's dejected at the capture of Janine, Sam and Noah base, but someone has to take command, and that's going to be Jody. Amelia's tasked with calling in your favour from the Exmoor Militia, while your mission is to infiltrate the airships above Abel and get Sigrid's command code.
You make it onto a transport to the zeppelins, hidden behind some crates of champagne. Once in the air you'll need to run along the gantries tethering the ships together to reach the gondolas.
To make it look like there's a problem with one of the airships you'll need to run from number 1 to 4. Meanwhile, Peter, who's been invited to this party, seems to be mingling with the guests.
You've planted the bomb, but something's happening in zeppelin 1. Sigrid has Janine in a cage, telling the guests that she's a traitor, and is there for their amusement. Peter asks you to find laser-cutters for him.
Laser-cutter acquired you make your way back. Peter helps you listen in to what Sigrid's saying. Your distraction in ship 4 has been dealt with, but not recognised as sabotage, so Sigrid begins a speech.
Moonchild makes a reappearance as you remember what happened the last time you saw her alive. Jody instructs you to drop another smoke bomb into the gondola of ship 1.
You successfully get in position outside the control room of the gondola to record Sigrid entering her access code. Peter frees Janine, but there's something she has to do. Mission accomplished you head back to the ground.
Outside Abel, Jody goes over the plan; you'll enter the command code to disable the weapons, and the Exmoor Militia will storm Abel. Suddenly Veronica's on your secure comms - she has a hidden way into Abel.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Harriet Madeley
Ian Golightly
Jonathan Leinmuller
Janine de Luca
Eleanor Rushton
Jody Marsh (Runner 4)
Jennifer Tan
Joshua Manning
Liz Jadav
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Natasha Staples
Paula Cohen
Victoria Grove
Peter Lynne
Will Green
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Sigrid Hakkinen (The Minister)
Sarah Ratherham
Tom de Luca
Alex Harland
Veronica McShell
Aislynn De'Ath
Naomi Alderman
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman