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February 26, 2024

The zombie virus has swept across the world, leaving civilisation in tatters. You are now Runner 5, a survivor of the apocalypse, on a secret mission to the settlement of Abel Township. Your job is to venture beyond the township walls to gather vital supplies, rescue survivors, and find a cure for the zombie plague.

We designed Zombies, Run! to work for all runners! Whether you run indoors on a treadmill, use a wheelchair, or just want to enjoy the story at a walking pace, our gripping narratives will keep you engaged throughout.

The Abel Township Saga

Begin your adventure as Runner 5. Kicking off with your dramatic arrival in Abel Township, there’s ten seasons’ worth of thrilling story to experience! Meet the township inhabitants, go on missions to keep the township running, and investigate the origins of the zombie apocalypse.

You can run one mission for free each week, but you’ll unlock the full ZR experience with an Abel Runner’s Club membership.

Base Builder

In Zombies, Run!, you are in charge of rebuilding Abel Township. You can do so any way you like; the base initially includes the farmhouse, the defence tower and an armoury. You can then construct new buildings within the base using materials and supplies you earn from while running.

Virtual Races

Virtual races are like a traditional race, but they takes place in a location and time of your choice. Just plug in your headphones, select the race, and get going. You can walk, jog or run wherever you may be, for a 5k or a 10k distance, with no need to queue up at the starting line!

Each thrilling standalone story takes place either before or during Season 1, or outside the main Zombies, Run! continuity. They’re spoiler-free and suitable for all runners, whether you’ve been with us for years, or have just escaped your first zombie horde!

All 16 Virtual Races are unlocked with a Zombies, Run! VIP Membership.

Take control

Before you set off, set your Workout Tracking to GPS if you’re running outdoors, Step Counting for indoors, or Simulate Running for other cases. You can set the duration or distance of your run here too, and customise Zombie Chases: an optional feature that ups the challenge and thrill factor.

Your own music plays an important role in Zombies, Run!, and you can choose to play from music on your device or streamed via your preferred music app. We’ll automatically dip the volume when the story kicks back in.

Radio Mode

When your Zombies, Run! mission ends but you've still got gas in the tank, our radio mode fills the gap. Enjoy additional in-universe entertainment that references and extends the main narratives. You might even enjoy a special cameo or two!

Welcome to Abel Township, Runner 5! We're looking forward to working with you.

Stay safe out there!