Race with The Marvels!

Introducing the first Marvel Move Virtual Race

September 19, 2023

Become an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and team up with The Marvels in our raucous new Flerken Race! When hungry flerkens rampage through a busy comic book convention, you’ll need to combine your powers to prevent an intergalactic conflict and contain these adorable tentacled terrors.

Start the story with two special training workouts, coming Monday 25 September and Monday 2 October. The epic conclusion arrives in our 5K/10K Virtual Race, launching Monday 9 October!

All Marvel Move subscribers get access to the Flerken Race at no extra cost – and if you haven’t joined yet, sign up for our 7 day free trial!

Virtual Races are just like a real 5K or 10K race, but you can run them wherever and whenever you choose. They’re a great motivation to hit new fitness milestones and – most importantly – they’re a thrill ride alongside your favourite Marvel characters!

If you’re feeling competitive, you can even opt in to our global leaderboards and take on the rest of the Marvel Move community.