Get Started with Marvel Move

Beginning your fitness adventure

September 05, 2023

Are you ready for an epic Super Hero adventure? Marvel Move is an immersive audio experience that puts you at the centre of thrilling storylines featuring some of your favourite Marvel characters.

We designed Marvel Move to work for all runners! Whether you run indoors on a treadmill, use a wheelchair, or just want to enjoy the story at a walking pace, our gripping narratives will keep you engaged throughout.

Your Trophy Cabinet

We believe celebrating your fitness milestones should be more meaningful than just the cold hard stats, so during your Marvel Move journey, you'll collect supplies, trophies, and other goodies that are rich in Marvel lore and extend the narrative beyond your runs. You’ll find those in your personal Trophy Cabinet, hosted by the one and only Squirrel Girl.

Take control

Before you set off, set your Tracking to GPS if you’re running outdoors, Step Counting for indoors, or Simulate Running for other cases. You can set the duration or distance of your run here too, and customise Enemy Chases: an optional feature that ups the challenge and thrill factor.

Your own music plays an important role in Marvel Move, and you can choose to play from music on your device or streamed via your preferred music app. We’ll automatically dip the volume when the story kicks back in.

Brand new to running?

Start with Thor & Loki’s 5K Trainer: an immersive comedy odyssey so entertaining and unpredictable that you'll forget you're working out. Over 8 weeks, you’ll learn to run with expert-designed workouts, building up to your first 5K run.

Radio Mode

When your Marvel Move episode ends but you've still got gas in the tank, our radio mode fills the gap. Enjoy additional in-universe entertainment that references and extends the main narratives. You might even enjoy a special cameo or two!

Dear Runner, now it’s time to pick a starting point and jump into Marvel Move. Choose from one of our Super Hero storylines or Thor & Loki’s 5K Trainer. We’re thrilled you’re on this adventure with us!