Running On Fumes

Coming soon: ZR Spring Virtual Race

March 27, 2024

With just 24 hours of fuel left, Abel Township needs a miracle.

Embark on a final, desperate attempt to save a community.

Running on Fumes is our Zombies, Run! Spring 2024 Virtual Race and it's set in the early days of Abel.


Whether you're brand new to the ZR saga or you've been with us from the start, this 3-part adventure will get your heart pumping.

Expect your first training mission on Thursday 25 April, with the second releasing a week later. The 5K/10K Race Mission will arrive on Thursday 9 May.

This virtual race and all 16 previous Zombies, Run! races are available exclusively via Zombies, Run! VIP Membership. Upgrade your membership in the app.

Each race includes:

  • Thrilling 5K/10K race missions, with an epic standalone adventure story
  • Two training missions to introduce you to the story and build your stamina for the race
  • The option to share your stats on a global leaderboard and compete with the community
  • Special digital items like letters and flyers that expand the story
  • 20% off all merch in our store, which includes a brand new range of gear for Running on Fumes!


Get the full Virtual Race experience with an exclusive Medal Pack.

Take on the Running on Fumes Virtual Race with an eye-catching medal and a special physical collection of story extras.

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