Become the Monarch of the Crows!

Our Halloween Virtual Race is coming!

September 19, 2023

"The keeper did a hunting go..."

The village keeps its own, and it will keep you, until the Running of the Lambs.

A day exploring the countryside with your friends Sam and Ernie turns nightmarish when an injury forces you to seek help. But why are the crows hunting you? And why doesn't the village appear on any of your maps?

Something dark is stirring in the woodlands, and your only hope of escaping the undead may be to participate in an ancient ritual and be crowned Monarch of the Crows...

The first Training Mission is available now, followed by the second on October 19th, and the 5K and 10K race on October 26th!

Monarch of the Crows is included in Zombies, Run! VIP membership along with all 15 of our previous Virtual Races! If you haven’t joined yet – or you want to treat your friends! – check out our twin-pack and 6-month VIP gift options! You can also join Zombies, Run! VIP in your app by tapping More > Membership.

If you’re already a VIP subscriber, you can find the race missions by tapping Zombies, Run! on the ZRX home screen, then scrolling down to the Abel Township Virtual Races section.


Get the Gear!


Your invitation to Abel Village's harvest festival has arrived! Prepare for the Running of the Lambs with our gorgeous new souvenir pack, complete with medal, briefing document, certificate and map.

But that's not all! You'll want to blend in with the locals to properly enjoy the celebration with our fantastic tech shirt, hoodie, mug, tote, and poster!


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