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Marvel Move is here, plus ZR improvements!

August 29, 2023

Big news: the Zombies, Run! app is now called ZRX and it contains all your favourite Zombies, Run! and New Adventure missions alongside thrilling new stories from Marvel Move!

This is our biggest update in years and includes:

  • Brand new chases with dynamic audio
  • Improved Base Builder
  • More reliable workout duration settings
  • Cast credits for almost every story
  • More flexible Training Plans
  • Improved app settings
  • More secure web login
  • Faster app performance

All existing subscriptions and user accounts are unchanged – there’s nothing you need to do except explore our amazing new stories and turn your next workout into an adventure!

This release also temporarily removes some features, including Airdrop mode, Interval Training, standalone Radio Abel playback, wearable support, and Statistics. We know these features are important to you and we’re working on restoring them as soon as we can, better than ever.

Since our launch in 2012, Zombies, Run! has made exercise exciting for over ten million people. ZRX creates a new foundation for us to do even more, even better for years to come.

Introducing Marvel Move

Ever wondered what it feels like to discover you’re a mutant and team up with the X-Men, or to bring down a criminal empire with Daredevil? When you run with Marvel Move, you’ll be transported to the Marvel Universe and take on iconic villains with Super Heroes at your side.

With Hulk and Betty Banner on the run from the authorities, you've got a big, green, volatile friend to protect in ‘Hulkville’. Join Jean Grey, Wolverine and friends in ‘X-Men: Age of Orchis’, a globetrotting adventure where you’ll go head-to-head with the relentless Sentinels.

Marvel Move launches with an expert-designed 8-week 5K training programme, featuring Thor and Loki. There has never been an introduction to running quite like this – it’s so entertaining you’ll forget you’re working out!

Check out Marvel Move with a 7 day free trial, and subscribe from just $6.25/month with our annual option.