Season of the Hunter

A small community near Juneau, Alaska has thrived in the aftermath of the apocalypse, living off the land and cut off from the world. But a visitor reaching the end of one journey sparks a new one. Written by Naomi Alderman.
In Brooklyn, Natalie Sugarman is dreaming. She will have to head north, but first? The ruins of Manhattan beckon. Written by Naomi Alderman.
In the Bayou, Louisiana, a doctor visits a patient, and you must use this chance to discover the dark truth of how this all began. Written by Naomi Alderman.
Robert and Marigold visit what used to be Nahanni National Park, and discover the dark truth hiding there. Written by Naomi Alderman.
Following the call of their mysterious tree, Alexander and Vivek hunt for passage north. But they are not the only hunters in the desert. Written by Naomi Alderman.
Drawn south, Marigold and Robert discover that the savagery of zombies is nothing compared to the horrors of humanity. Written by Rebecca Levene, with additional writing by Ishmael Hope.
Maxbass, North Dakota. Where it all began, at least for some. Natalie and Shoshanna enter the festival site in search of what was hidden. Written by Naomi Alderman.
Natalie and Shoshanna venture into the city and encounter more than they bargained for. Written by Naomi Alderman.
A mysterious relic of vital importance draws Alexander and Vivek into the open, and into the path of the one hunting them. Written by Rebecca Levene.
Lost and alone, Alexander is hunted by an implacable foe. Is escape possible? Or is surrender the only option? Written by Rebecca Levene
United at last, Alexander and Natalie encounter a face from the past, and discover a place that could answer their questions. Written by Naomi Alderman.
Lost in the whirlpool of memories, you run with Styles and discover the events of the festival that started it all. Written by Naomi Alderman and Rebecca Levene.
Cherishing the things that are different is a good enough reason for a journey. Marigold and Robert near the end of theirs. Written by Naomi Alderman.
At the prison gates. What once was an invitation, a negotiation, is now a sentence. Written by Naomi Alderman.
In the centre of the spiral everything happens at once, and the music is remembered at last. Written by Naomi Alderman.