Asgard Heist

Loki needs your help to steal a powerful treasure that only mortals can reach. Don't worry – there's absolutely no chance you could get caught!


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Thor and Loki are here to start the day's training. Start a 10-minute walk while the brothers decipher Rūna's training plan. Thor wants to use this walk to give you a tour of the city, and if you go past his favorite boar sausage cart, then so much the better!
Thor has food, and Loki is ordering coffee – though perhaps you shouldn't agree when he offers to let you taste it. Loki claims the second stop on your tour. Keep up!
You reach the library, which Thor seems less interested in than Loki. He remembers going there to find Loki when he was hiding from lessons. It's quite the maze. Keep walking, Mortal!
Loki gets rid of Thor by saying he saw a dragon fly past, carrying away the owner of Thor's favorite sausage cart. Thor is skeptical, but best not to risk it. You're alone with Loki, and he has a task for you.
Rūna's instructions say you should walk for a minute followed by running for 15 seconds, ten times. Loki uses part of a sticky bun to act as a communicator and reveals a hidden doorway. He instructs you to grab a stone to light your way and take the right-hand branch.
Run to the bend at the end of the hall!
Slow down. You survived. Be cautious as you walk.
The pattern repeats. Start walking on the red tiles.
Run! And step on the gold tiles!
Slow down and enter the third hallway. Loki wants to look at the walls.
Keep walking while Loki decodes the hidden writing. It says you should run – now! You end up in a room with lots of pictures of frogs on the walls.
There's a picture of a frog dressed as Thor! You walk back to the start of the hall and Loki turns the door into a large frog by mistake. The frog looks hungry. Run!
Start walking again as you head into the fifth hall. It's cavernous here, so just circle the walls while Loki thinks. Step onto the walls and see how gravity reorients around you.
This is a long hallway! Start your run!
You're in a bright meadow, complete with a rainbow. Keep walking. Loki is still puzzled. It's a very sophisticated illusion.
Start running while Loki continues thinking.
Seventh hall. Seventh iteration. Loki thinks he perceives holes in the illusion.
Continue walking around that pond.
Run into that pond if you don't want to be trapped! You can walk now. You destroyed the illusion and it looks like you're in another library. Be very calm and don't look behind you. Turn right and... run! Loki doesn't think they can open doors so you're probably safe to walk again.
You're near the end of the maze. Loki is sure this is excellent training.
Start your run to see if anything shakes loose. Now go back to walking for your final set. Walk along the silver line.
The line seems to be unwinding as you step along it. Unusual behavior for a labyrinth.
You hear a strange noise that Loki doesn't like, so get running!
This room seems cozy, and Loki directs you to pick up a mirror. Head back to the door and erase a rune. Spend the next 10 minutes on a freeform run.
You seem to be lost and Loki is annoyed. You're lucky that Rūna wants you in one piece. Keep going.
You seem to have ended up in the Realm Below, which is impressive since you shouldn't be able to get there! Keep moving, and head upwards.
3 minutes left. Wonderful, you've woken that rock troll. At least it's slow.
Loki saves you, and as thanks, you can give him that mirror. You're done for the day, so feel free to wander around. Now leave Loki alone!


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Benjamin Chandler
Loki Laufeyson
Rhys Jennings
Thor Odinson
Øystein Kanestrøm
Alex Acks
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Six to Start Sound Team