The Wild Hunt

The pack is on your trail as you race through the mire. Who will be the prey in the realm of the Dark Elves?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Your fall through the interdimensional void comes to an end when your movements open a portal... and drop you into a swamp.
Loki isn't sure why the ley lines are still moving if the Jotunheim spindle was destroyed, but perhaps if you destroy the Muspelheim spindle it will help.
Thor is being pursued by a flying cat again, although this time it is more of a tiger. That means that you are in Svartalfheim, home of the Dark Elves.
Loki thinks there will be some arcane apparatus here that the spindles feed into. If you destroy that it should move the ley lines back and let Heimdall send the Bifrost.
You hear a horn blown in the distance, and Thor tells you to run. Elf hunters are after you!
Loki and Thor lead you into the swamp because it will help to cover your scent, but it won't hide the spindle. Hopefully you can thin the pack though.
Loki notices ripples in the water heading toward you.
Thor instructs you to begin jumping for 15 seconds, then whacks the muck shark when it surfaces. But there are more ripples ahead.
You're almost halfway through the swamp, assuming you can escape the giant carnivorous plants!
You jump on one of the plants to help Thor and Loki destroy it.
And now the giant mosquitos are chasing you as well.
Loki enchants some driftwood to emit smoke and fire and you use it to attack the mosquitos and drive them off.
You approach the shore and jump up over the glowing roc– exploding bog mushrooms!
Thor goes to scout your pursuers while you keep running to increase your lead.
The hunt bear the banners of Malekith. There is a large lake close by that you can use to destroy the spindle. However, the riders will catch up before you reach the lake so you need to slow them down. Thor has an idea.
Up ahead there's a flimsy bridge spanning a chasm. Thor's plan is to cross it then destroy it. Then Loki will create an illusion of the bridge for your pursuers.
Loki has signalled you to cross the bridge. Get running!
Thor destroys the bridge and Loki recreates an illusion of it. It's time to get moving.
You heard the sound of hunters falling into the ravine. Next job? Destroy the spindle.
Loki begins to create a spell which will mask the spindle's magical signature, creating a false reading for the hunt to chase. Hopefully it will buy you time.
Loki's spell fails and Thor reassures him that Malekith is probably attuned to everything in his realm. The hunt are close behind you, so dig deep and keep running!
The hunt have split up and they're surrounding you. Thor tries to fly the spindle to the lake, but he's hit with arrows coated with a sleeping agent. He manages to blind the hunt with a lightning flash but you'll have to help move him.
The hunt seems to have pulled back, distracted by Loki's illusion. You hide in the hollow of a tree to let Thor sleep off the arrows. Loki realises that you've lost the spindle. You've been outmanoeuvred!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Thor Odinson
Øystein Kanestrøm
Loki Laufeyson
Rhys Jennings
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Six to Start Sound Team
Story By
Alex Acks
Script By
Kim Richards