In Hela's Possession

Trapped among the corridors of the dead with a broken mirror, you must rely on Loki's old friend to help you escape.


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Loki worries that Hela has thrown her lot in with Malekith as his plan will put Niflheim at the top of Yggdrasil. There is likely a spindle here and it will be in her possession.
There's no sign of pursuit and Heimdall says that Malekith has hidden himself too.
Loki has an idea about someone who can help you. You're going to the West Wing of Hel, and you'll find out what her price is.
You reach an orchard but when you pick an apple, it turns to sand – your training is paying off! Just picking it unravelled the enchantment.
Welcome to the West Wing of Hel, where the unremarkable dead spend eternity. You pass a guard but run past them quickly.
You enter a door marked "Supplies" and encounter Leah, Hela's Handmaiden. She says she cannot possibly help you and she'd send you to the East Wing to mop the floors with blood if she could. How pleasant.
Loki explains that Leah wishes to become a person in her own right, and helping her means she will help you. Her odd response was telling you where to find the objects which bind her so you can disenchant them.
Heimdall says arcane storms have appeared in Midgard and you are needed there as soon as possible. Leah can send you to Midgard easily enough.
You reach the East Wing and grab the caution sign that Leah is helpfully leaning next to. The floors are covered in blood after all, and that gets slippery.
Work your magic on the caution sign while you head to the North Wing where Hela's office is.
You pass through an archway and find yourself in Hela's Throne room. And she is beckoning to you.
Hela believes that if you've caught on, then this scheme to rearrange Yggdrasil is more annoying than beneficial. She has the spindle, but throws it for you to chase.
Hela isn't following you, which may be concerning. You enter a servants' hall and Leah conspicuously knocks a sponge to the floor. Better pick that up.
You find the spindle in the valley Midhogg which is full of snakes. Thor helps to clear a path and you manage to grab the spindle.
Unfortunately the spindle is inert. Malekith no longer needs them to achieve his plans. The only chance lies in Midgard. You need to get to Leah.
Leah leads you into the archives where she has prepared the runes. Carry the objects of power alone them carefully to begin unravelling the spell binding Leah.
The binding begins to unravel but you're interrupted by a guard trying to get in. You'd best move a little more quickly.
You finish breaking the spell and then escape along with Leah.
Leah brings you to Hvergelmir, the water that flows at the roots of Yggdrasil. It is connected to all rivers so you should be able to get to Midgard using it.
Leah shoves Loki into the river to stop him monologuing. Pretend you never met her. She gives you an old coin that she has kept for luck. Remember not to look back.


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Thor Odinson
Øystein Kanestrøm
Loki Laufeyson
Rhys Jennings
Diana Helen Kennedy
Victoria Grove
Alex Acks
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Six to Start Sound Team