Part 3: Training Mission 2

Live in pain? Or try to heal? There are always choices to be made.


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Jack and Eugene open their story in the suburbs, preparing to raid a house for supplies with the others. It looks like a survivalist house so it should be a good place to investigate, but will have an alarm. They'll need to be quick to turn that off once they're inside!
Jack, Eugene, and Sian break into the house simultaneously, and try to find the codes to disarm the alarm system. The wall calendar has the anniversary of whoever lived here marked in and that date works! With the alarm disabled, and Feeney keeping watch outside, they can get packing!
Done with raiding, the group sits around the camp fire, discussing their lives before the apocalypse. Elsbeth laughs about her banking job, while Feeney gets annoyed that he worked hard as a teacher but never got recognition or compensation. In a director's commentary interview, Jack and Eugene talk about how they wanted this scene to stand repeated viewing. Back at the campfire Sian has a small cut, which the group treats, explaining to Feeney how valuable antiseptic has been on their journey.
Jack runs through the woods from the sounds of violence. In their director's commentary interview, Jack and Eugene confirm that the violence really happened, but that they're making the artistic choice to not show it. They want to focus on people caring about each other, rather than turning on each other. Everyone in the apocalypse has been through terrible things. In the forest, Jack and Eugene encounter each other again.
Jack and Eugene return to the campsite and see Sian tied up. They form a quick plan to rescue her and take the clearing, capturing one of the raiders. The interviewer asks if they regret what happened next, which leaves Eugene shaken. They untie Sian, who says that they can't let the raider go free when they're a threat. Eugene says that they should tie them up and leave them, but Jack says that's as good as killing them. Eugene tells Jack and Sian to go find the others and he'll take care of things.
The interviewer asks if Eugene regrets letting the raider live, considering what happened next. Eugene replies that he did for a long time. In the forest, Jack and Eugene reunite and Jack realises that Eugene is badly injured, stabbed through the foot. In the interview, Eugene talks about his regrets and how he overcame them. In the end, the raiders were just survivors who needed help, the same as their own group. You can live in pain, or try to heal, and Eugene has chosen to heal.


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Six to Start Ensemble
Sarah Griffin
Eugene Woods
Nathan Nolan
Torian Brackett
Kym Miller
Jack Holden
Rhys Jennings
Kym Miller
Rose Wardlaw
Matt Wieteska
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman