Runners of the Round Table Race: 5K

A ruined kingdom, an implacable foe, and a heroic quest!


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Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You're deep in the tunnels now, Five, and Sam is having a hard time with the signal down there. Janine's in bad shape too. You meet an old woman wearing blue robes. She introduces herself as Merlin and says that you have a journey ahead if you want to save Janine.
Merlin tells you that this used to be a glorious forest, but when Mordred struck Avalon the battle was so fierce it pulled the realm underground. She gives Janine a sip of healing water from Avalon, which helps her regain some clarity. Merlin casts a spell that allows Sam to see you – even underground where there are no cameras. Sam notices that the Black Knight is following you, so you need to speed up.
The cavern goes on for miles and at the centre you can see the ruins of Camelot. Beyond that is Camlann, where Arthur fell, and on the far shore of the lake is the cairn where he was laid to rest. You began the ritual to awaken Arthur earlier when you drank using the Grail. Merlin reveals that she is Guinevere Wyld. The cavern quakes and Sam tells you that there's something moving under the lake. Merlin says that the ritual has misfired and raised Mordred, whose spirit is corrupting the lake. The lake's waters can cure Janine, but Mordred's spirit must be banished first. You need to reach Arthur's Cairn!
Merlin tells you that the ritual can only be performed by a pure and questing heart – and apparently games are where all the questers are these days. She wants to set the record straight: that she was Guinevere from the tales, as well as Merlin. Sam spots zombies shambling through the ruins, drawn by Mordred's spirit. You don't have enough bullets to take all of them, but Merlin shapeshifts you into mice so you can run past the undead.
You reach the ruins and turn back into humans, although Maxine seems a bit dizzy. Janine sees the castle as it was originally. Merlin says that means that Mordred's mark is growing strong and is linking Janine's mind to his. She is seeing Mordred's memory of Camelot. Mordred was a knight once, but dark magic twisted him into a monster and he destroyed Camelot alone. His zombies have found you, so you'd better cross the lake quickly!
You run through the ruined castle and find the Round Table, although it is cracked and covered in moss. Merlin says that her powers wane as Mordred's grow and reminisces about how much better things were in the old days. Maxine says that at least they have antibiotics and food hygiene – she'd rather follow Janine into battle. Sam warns you that Mordred is approaching riding a giant lizard, like the salamanders you saw. You're nearly at Camlann, so keep running!
You reach the bridge, which is flanked by statues of Knights of the Round Table. Mordred is catching up with you. His lizard mount leaps onto the bridge ahead of you, blocking your route. Merlin transforms herself into a giant lizard and the rest of you into hawks. You need to get to Arthur's Cairn and recite the Rite of Kings! Fly!
You make it to the far shore of the lake and transform back into humans. You're near the Cairn and there's a sword sticking out of the top of it. Janine is struggling to see it because she's in so much pain. Merlin fights Mordred on the bridge and they both go crashing into the lake. Mordred's horde of zombies are on your trail too. They're charging over the bridge. You need to get up to the top of the Cairn quickly!
You're halfway up the Cairn! Keep running. Mordred has turned into an actual dragon and is after you. He swipes at the cairn and demolishes it, sending all of you flying. Maxine has landed further up the shore with the capstone. Better get over there, Five!
You reach Maxine, but Mordred's zombies are closing in on you. Janine is with them, Mordred's mark glowing on her forehead. Maxine finds the spell, but Mordred is diving straight for you in his dragon form. Suddenly, a voice speaks to you, telling you to pull the sword from the stone. You do so and manage to wound Mordred. He falls back into the lake and the zombies fall alongside him. Janine has collapsed too – you need to get her to the lake!
Mordred is gone and the marks on Janine are fading. Along the edge of the lake you see glowing golden figures of knights. Merlin shows up again and says that the knights are there for Five. She offers you Excalibur, saying that you are Arthur's true heir and that maybe Maxine had a point when she said that Camelot didn't have penicillin. The heroes of now are not the heroes of old. A bridge of light erupts from the lake towards the cavern. You should be able to get back to the surface that way and Janine will be fine when you reach it.
You've completed your victory lap and reached the surface, not too far from Abel. Janine is feeling better and back to her own self, eager to return to Abel and get a proper report, although she finds parts of the story very hard to believe. You'd better keep that sword though, Five. The world needs a hero.


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Six to Start Ensemble
Janine de Luca
Eleanor Rushton
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Julia Winwood
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman
Zombies, Run! Writing Team