Training Mission 1

A gaming convention gone grey, a mysterious lore book, and could it be the Holy Grail itself?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Through a crackly tannoy, you hear an announcement about the SEDGEWICK Demons and Darkness convention. But there's no time for that! There are several zombie LARPers after you. You head into the convention centre canteen. You should be able to escape through the delivery entrance. Sam apologises for this. Abel's recon hadn't mentioned so many zombies. You enter the kitchen only to find it crowded with zombies in chef hats. Better not use that exit!
You run through the dealers' room, and Maxine complains about the convoluted acronym the convention went with. Sam apologises again, since this was meant to be Runner 10's mission until that unfortunate injury. Still, you can at least admire the costumes, right? The revolving doors are locked, so Sam sends you up a flight of stairs behind the dice stall.
You enter an exhibition hall set up like a fantasy castle. It's ready for the only ever public appearance of Guinevere Wyld, creator of Excalibur Rising, a Demons and Darkness spin-off. She was going to lead a live LARP. Keep your eyes out for the Holy Grail. Sam managed to turn on a couple of the gas torches and you kick them over to try to make the fire suppression system unlock the doors. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working and now there are flaming zombies after you! Better move over to the next exhibition hall!
The next exhibition hall has been turned into a snowy forest scene for the LARP. Maxine waxes lyrical about the game. Finally the fire system responds and opens every door and window in the building. It looks like there were a lot of zombies trapped in the panel rooms downstairs and the fire is spreading. Maxine spots a hidden door behind a waterfall that should lead you to a stairwell!
You reach the bottom of the stairs and find yourself in a props closet for the LARP. There's a black box with a picture of the Holy Grail on it on a table! It should contain the only copy of the final story module for Excalibur Rising. More flaming zoms are after you though, and you seem to be trapped. There was meant to be a pyrotechnic display in Hall C, and Maxine has a plan. Head to Hall C!
Hall C is decorated like Lake Camlann, where King Arthur fell to Mordred. There's a laptop near the pool. Switch that on quickly because the zombies are flooding into the hall after you. They were planning a big special effects show, and you should be able to trigger it. Maxine spots that they couldn't actually get Guinevere Wyld, so just hired an actor! You trigger the special effects and that distracts the zombies enough for you to slip away.
You're well clear of the convention centre now, Five. Why don't you take a look at that box? There's a map, a lore book, and a replica of the Holy Grail. Might as well use it to take a drink. When you do, there's a clap of thunder and a mysterious voice booms around you proclaiming some sort of prophecy. You might want to put the Grail back in the box and head home. It seems like it's more than you've bargained for.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Julia Winwood
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman
Zombies, Run! Writing Team