Training Mission 1

A top secret eco-engineering facility went dark four days ago. Your mission? Enter the restricted area, find out what happened, and extract any surviving personnel.


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You're approaching the ArkTech Cape Wrath facility which has been quarantined by the Ministry of Defence. Van Ark tells you it was the control centre for an eco-engineering project, adapting indigenous flora and fauna to ensure their survival in a warming climate. Alice is leading the team, with Maxine Myers as medic, Vijay as pilot, and Professor Van Ark helping guide you through the facility. You need to get clear of the landing zone. Go!
Despite being in Scotland, much of the Cape Wrath facility is a rainforest. Van Ark says this may be humanity's last hope for survival. You hear a roar and Van Ark says it's one of the genetically modified wildcats. Be careful; they're venomous. Containment protocols in the base have been breached so be careful.
You see a couple of wildcats stalking prey, only for one of them to turn on the other. An efficient kill.
Vijay asks why Van Ark is on the mission. He explains that no-one else has the necessary clearance to override the security systems, and if the scientists have been killed, only he has the expertise to recover their research. He asks why Alice is there, since he knows she was a last minute substitution and called in favours to be assigned. Alice says that her sister is Dr. Frances Adeyami who works at the base. Maxine sees something human-shaped move in the woods, and Vark Ark says it was probably one of the mutant bonobos.
You cross the river and smell rotting meat, only to find the body of the head of security. His body has been drained of blood. You try to use his radio but it seems to be drawing the attention of the wildcats. And there's something else out there.
Vijay thinks the animals are running from the thing you saw. Maxine thinks it looks like an albino ape, and possibly spontaneous mutations are occurring. She wants to take back specimens. Alice has picked up a radio signal from Frances. She's alive!
You reach the facility, but the radio array on the roof is broken. Maxine has vanished to look more closely at the creature, but Van Ark warns her to be careful. Van Ark unlocks the facility door and ushers you all inside, just in time to hear Maxine scream and fall silent when one of the creatures approaches her. You close the door, but you're trapped inside with no long-range comms.


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Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman
Zombies, Run! Writing Team