Training Mission 2

With the Arktech facility beginning to shut down and hostiles closing in, time is not on your side if you want to locate the missing scientists!


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
The secure steel door doesn't feel so secure when something bangs on it. If you go to the control room, Van Ark might be able to re-establish communications and arrange an extraction. There's more banging against the door and the metal is buckling. Run!
The control centre should give you access to the base's cameras. You can get there through the lab. The lab lights suddenly switch off and Van Ark says the base is going dormant. A venomous cat attacks Alice but you manage to trap it in a cage. The lab is trashed, with blood across the wall. You grab the lab journals. You need to find out what's going on!
The control room is empty and you shut yourself in. Employee 48 has no background information, just a number... and a voracious need for blood. Vijay says that he thinks he heard Maxine's voice out there. He's just rattled! You need to focus on finding Frances. Van Ark will reboot the computers and try to guide you.
Van Ark guides you towards the vivarium. It has a glass roof, and the things in the jungle seemed to avoid daylight. You head towards the UV lamps, and when a venomous cat steps into the light, it begins to burn. You grab one of the lights. You're heading back into the dark.
Van Ark says he has the security cameras online. Maxine emerges from the darkness and tells Alice to come help her with specimens. Alice listens to her... and Maxine tries to bite her! You shoot Maxine, but the holes heal right up. Someone tells you to get out of the way and suddenly Maxine turns to dust. It's Frances, and she has a stake. She says she'll explain everything but you need to move.
Frances knows the safest and quickest routes. She explains that the research was going badly at first, but Employee 48 showed up and suddenly they were on the path to cure cancer! Then some test subjects became aggressive, and staff became paranoid. Frances wishes that she'd listened to them. You're being chased! Van Ark speaks to you privately saying those creatures don't show up on the cameras. Neither does Frances.
Van Ark switches the lights on to reveal you're surrounded. He throws you a syringe and you stick it into Frances' leg. You all lock yourself inside the control centre while she begs you to let her inside. Van Ark shows you security footage – you are all on the film, but Frances isn't visible. You're contacted by a soldier from the outside world. They can't get too close so you'll have to travel for extraction. There's an emergency escape passage nearby that should give you a head start. Run for your lives!


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Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman
Zombies, Run! Writing Team