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Channel Hopping

Season 10 Mission 14 is out now!

The Channel Tunnel should be the perfect way to make it back to the UK. Short on time and allies, can you survive Valmont's latest assault? Season 10 Mission 14, Channel Hopping, is here. You can catch Mission 15, Nobody is Okay, on Wednesday September 20th. Abel Runner's Club and Zombies, Run! VIP members can run now – and if you're a free player, you can use your weekly unlock!
September 20, 2023

Dead on the Water

Season 10 Mission 13 is out now!

You and Sam have landed in Venice with a potential cure for Maxine. But the plague has taken on a terrifying new form, and no-one is safe. You'd better be quick Runner 5 – if it catches you, it's all over! Season 10 Mission 13, Dead on the Water, is here. You can catch Mission 14, Channel Hopping, on Wednesday September 20th. Abel Runner's Club and Zombies, Run! VIP members can run now – and if you're a free player, you can use your weekly unlock!
September 19, 2023

Become the Monarch of the Crows!

Our Halloween Virtual Race is coming!

"The keeper did a hunting go..." The village keeps its own, and it will keep you, until the Running of the Lambs. A day exploring the countryside with your friends Sam and Ernie turns nightmarish when an injury forces you to seek help. But why are the crows hunting you? And why doesn't the village appear on any of your maps? Something dark is stirring in the woodlands, and your only hope of escaping the undead may be to participate in an ancient ritual and be crowned Monarch of the Crows... The first Training Mission goes live on October 12th, followed by the second on October 19th, and the 5K and 10K race on October 26th! Monarch of the Crows is included in Zombies, Run! VIP membership along with all 15 of our previous Virtual Races! If you haven’t joined yet – or you want to treat your friends! – check out our twin-pack and 6-month VIP gift options! You can also join Zombies, Run! VIP in your app by tapping More > Membership. Get the Gear! Your invitation to Abel Village's harvest festival has arrived! Prepare for the Running of the Lambs with our gorgeous new souvenir pack, complete with medal, briefing document, certificate and map. But that's not all! You'll want to blend in with the locals to properly enjoy the celebration with our fantastic tech shirt, hoodie, mug, tote, and poster! New Ways to Buy and Gift VIP Sign up or give the gift of Zombies, Run! VIP starting from just $49.99 – available in twin packs and 6 month durations! It’s the best way to gather your personal round table and show them what they’ve been missing with our 13 other virtual races! Get your VIP Shop Discount! Don't miss out on your 20% discount code for our shop! To get your code, visit your ZRX account and select VIP Benefits in your account settings. To apply your 20% discount, enter your code during checkout in our shop: the discount will count towards everything in your shopping basket! Your code is valid for the current period of your Zombies, Run! VIP membership (usually a year after you signed up or renewed), and it can be used up to four times before it expires.
September 19, 2023

This Month in Marvel Move

Race with The Marvels!

We’ve hit the ground running with fantastic workouts featuring Thor and Loki, the X-Men, and Hulk available right at launch – and we have plenty more coming this month! Check out what you can expect: Thor and Loki: Trials of the Ten Realms: Weeks 3-6 of our 5K Training edition will see Thor and Loki accompany you on your journey to your first 5K. If you’re experiencing this adventure in “story mode”, you can expect episodes 6-10 out this month, too! X-Men: Age of Orchis: Episodes 4 and 5 continue your quest to uncover a deadly new threat to mutantkind, including a thrilling mission to a prehistoric anomaly in Antarctica. Hulkville: Episode 3 sees you join Bruce Banner on a trip deep underground to investigate the source of the town’s problems, and discover a few more along the way! The Marvels: Flerken Race: Become an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and team up with The Marvels in our raucous new Virtual Race. Your first training workouts arrive this month!
September 19, 2023

Race with The Marvels!

Introducing the first Marvel Move Virtual Race

Become an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and team up with The Marvels in our raucous new Flerken Race! When hungry flerkens rampage through a busy comic book convention, you’ll need to combine your powers to prevent an intergalactic conflict and contain these adorable tentacled terrors. Start the story with two special training workouts, coming Monday 25 September and Monday 2 October. The epic conclusion arrives in our 5K/10K Virtual Race, launching Monday 9 October! All Marvel Move subscribers get access to the Flerken Race at no extra cost – and if you haven’t joined yet, sign up for our 7 day free trial! Virtual Races are just like a real 5K or 10K race, but you can run them wherever and whenever you choose. They’re a great motivation to hit new fitness milestones and – most importantly – they’re a thrill ride alongside your favourite Marvel characters! If you’re feeling competitive, you can even opt in to our global leaderboards and take on the rest of the Marvel Move community. Catch us at New York Comic Con! Don’t miss a special giveaway for runners who take part in The Marvels: Flerken Race. Find us at the Marvel booth and show us your run log to get your hands on an exclusive pin badge and more! Hear from the creators of Marvel Move as we host a panel event on Sunday 15 October (with very special guests including actor Sandra Saad (Ms. Marvel) and comics writer Meghan Fitzmartin. Get the inside scoop on upcoming Marvel Move storylines and learn more about what went into crafting this unique fitness experience. Please stay vigilant for rampaging flerkens!
September 19, 2023

Wing and a Prayer

Season 10 Mission 12 is out now!

With a price on Sam and Five's heads, they'll need a distraction to make it into Venice. That's where you come in! But the plague is spreading, and even the rooftops are no longer a safe haven. Season 10 Mission 12, Wing and a Prayer, is here. You can catch Mission 13, Dead on the Water, on Wednesday September 13th. Abel Runner's Club and VIP members can run now – and if you're a free player, you can use your weekly unlock!
September 06, 2023

Get Started with Marvel Move

Beginning your fitness adventure

Are you ready for an epic Super Hero adventure? Marvel Move is an immersive audio experience that puts you at the centre of thrilling storylines featuring some of your favourite Marvel characters. We designed Marvel Move to work for all runners! Whether you run indoors on a treadmill, use a wheelchair, or just want to enjoy the story at a walking pace, our gripping narratives will keep you engaged throughout. Your Trophy Cabinet We believe celebrating your fitness milestones should be more meaningful than just the cold hard stats, so during your Marvel Move journey, you'll collect supplies, trophies, and other goodies that are rich in Marvel lore and extend the narrative beyond your runs. You’ll find those in your personal Trophy Cabinet, hosted by the one and only Squirrel Girl. Take control Before you set off, set your Tracking to GPS if you’re running outdoors, Step Counting for indoors, or Simulate Running for other cases. You can set the duration or distance of your run here too, and customise Enemy Chases: an optional feature that ups the challenge and thrill factor. Your own music plays an important role in Marvel Move, and you can choose to play from music on your device or streamed via your preferred music app. We’ll automatically dip the volume when the story kicks back in. Brand new to running? Start with Thor & Loki’s 5K Trainer: an immersive comedy odyssey so entertaining and unpredictable that you'll forget you're working out. Over 8 weeks, you’ll learn to run with expert-designed workouts, building up to your first 5K run. When your Marvel Move episode ends but you've still got gas in the tank, our radio mode fills the gap. Enjoy additional in-universe entertainment that references and extends the main narratives. You might even enjoy a special cameo or two! Dear Runner, now it’s time to pick a starting point and jump into Marvel Move. Choose from one of our Super Hero storylines or Thor & Loki’s 5K Trainer. We’re thrilled you’re on this adventure with us!
September 05, 2023

Welcome to ZRX

Marvel Move is here, plus ZR improvements!

Big news: the Zombies, Run! app is now called ZRX and it contains all your favourite Zombies, Run! and New Adventure missions alongside thrilling new stories from Marvel Move! This is our biggest update in years and includes: Brand new chases with dynamic audio Improved Base Builder More reliable workout duration settings Cast credits for almost every story More flexible Training Plans Improved app settings More secure web login Faster app performance All existing subscriptions and user accounts are unchanged – there’s nothing you need to do except explore our amazing new stories and turn your next workout into an adventure! This release also temporarily removes some features, including Airdrop mode, Interval Training, standalone Radio Abel playback, wearable support, and Statistics. We know these features are important to you and we’re working on restoring them as soon as we can, better than ever. Since our launch in 2012, Zombies, Run! has made exercise exciting for over ten million people. ZRX creates a new foundation for us to do even more, even better for years to come. Introducing Marvel Move Ever wondered what it feels like to discover you’re a mutant and team up with the X-Men, or to bring down a criminal empire with Daredevil? When you run with Marvel Move, you’ll be transported to the Marvel Universe and take on iconic villains with Super Heroes at your side. With Hulk and Betty Banner on the run from the authorities, you've got a big, green, volatile friend to protect in ‘Hulkville’. Join Jean Grey, Wolverine and friends in ‘X-Men: Age of Orchis’, a globetrotting adventure where you’ll go head-to-head with the relentless Sentinels. Marvel Move launches with an expert-designed 8-week 5K training programme, featuring Thor and Loki. There has never been an introduction to running quite like this – it’s so entertaining you’ll forget you’re working out! Check out Marvel Move with a 7 day free trial, and subscribe from just $6.25/month with our annual option.
August 29, 2023

Jailhouse Rock

Season 10 Mission 8 is out now!

The hunt for Janine has taken you to Valmont's private prison complex. Can you organise a jailbreak? Or are you going to end up in the nick? Season 10 Mission 8, Jailhouse Rock, is here. You can catch Mission 9, Don't Turn Your Back, on Wednesday August 16th. Abel Runner's Club and VIP members can run now – and if you're a free player, you can use your weekly unlock!
July 27, 2023