The Dogs of War

You're face to face with your enemy. What will you and your friends have to sacrifice to thwart their terrible plot?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You're captured by Malekith, who chains up Thor and Loki, but leaves you unbound. He seems to believe you are helpless.
Loki speaks to Malekith and gets him to reveal his plan: to tear Yggdrasil apart and regrow it to serve himself, even if it causes the deaths of billions.
Loki tries to downplay your importance to Malekith, claiming you are a vessel to channel his own dangerous magics through.
You reach Malekith's castle, and Thor tells you to prepare to escape while he and Loki cover your escape.
Malekith releases Thor and Loki. He attempts to stab you but Thor intervenes. Since he is merciful, he will give you a five minute head start... before the Wild Hunt chases you once more.
Malekith releases the Wild Hunt early, and Loki's chains become caught on a nearby tree. He and Thor are caught and dragged away.
Loki contacts you by talking through Froki the frog. It's definitely an upgrade from a sticky bun. Hopefully the connection will hold.
Loki guides you toward some ruins where there may be residual magic.
Jump up and tap the biggest rune on that stone.
Frogs can see magic and Loki can see that you are drawing out the magic of the ritual stone.
You strengthen the connection to the magic and begin running. The magical tether is causing flowers to bloom.
The magical energy is causing trees to explode. Loki says the prison he's in is doing something strange and Thor is in bad shape.
Generate explosive energy by jumping.
The tension on your magic tether will whiplash all the way back to you. Loki insists that this is part of the plan.
Loki gives you an incantation to say. His spell worked! Now do some stretches while the teleportation works.
You've been transported to Malekith's experimentation chamber. Unfortunately Malekith is there and realizes that Loki has found a way to contact you. You push a suit of armor onto Malekith and trap him.
You need to find Loki first, then rescue Thor. You explore the castle, but you seem to have awakened the suits of armor and they begin to follow you.
You hide in a side room. Loki thinks your powers have thrown off Malekith's tracking. The room is rather horrifying, enough that Loki is starting to miss Asgard.
You follow Loki's direction to the courtyard where Loki spots some an arcane circle. You should destroy it.
You destroy the circle and Loki tells you to hide yourself in the shadow of the wall. There's a gate that you could go through to escape. Loki and Thor will probably be fine. You choose to help Loki instead.
You reach the top of the tower and begin to disrupt the magical energy. Loki is suddenly dropped to the ground. He is very glad to see Froki. And you did well too.
Loki's plan is not elegant but it will get you free. He promises revenge, especially if Thor has fallen.
You reach the kitchens and rescue Thor from the ovens. You need to move quickly to escape. Mjolnir is lost in the swamp, but Thor promises revenge when it returns to his hand.
You find the apparatus that Malekith has been using to warp the ley lines. Loki smashes it using the mirror, but Malekith says that you have doomed everyone by releasing the volatile magics.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Thor Odinson
Øystein Kanestrøm
Loki Laufeyson
Rhys Jennings
Thom Tuck
Shogo Miyakita
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Six to Start Sound Team
Story By
Alex Acks
Script By
Kim Richards