Abel Township Saga Season 10

Agent: Ranger 5 Objective Location: Red Scorpion Base Mission Objective: Find and recover Ernie Van Ark by any means necessary
Your friends are missing without a trace, and you're sent to a top-secret rendezvous. But does your contact have an ulterior motive for helping you?
A message from the mysterious Raven brings you to Venice – a city mired in plague, corruption, and zombies. Can you trust your contact? Or are you merely there to be hunted?
Trapped and alone, with the lives of your friends on the line, you have no choice but to carry out Valmont's mission.
It's high noon in the Old West, and there's a new Ranger in town...
A mission to rescue some rare animals leads you down a deeper rabbit hole than anticipated. Can you find your way out, or will you soon be extinct?
A rare ceasefire between warring gangs gives you the chance to hunt down the origin of the plague, but is it a natural tragedy, or is something darker hiding beneath the streets of Venice?
The hunt for Janine has taken you to Valmont's private prison complex. Can you organise a jailbreak? Or are you going to end up in the nick?
There's a hacker attacking infrastructure, and Amelia needs you to trail them. When there's so many small fires, who notices the arsonist in wait? Content Warning: This mission features depiction of being buried alive. Content occurs after scene 5.
Now surplus to requirements, your life is on the line. But help from an unexpected quarter offers a glimmer of hope... maybe.
You may have made it out of Valmont's prison, but you're far from free. You've a long journey to go, and the weather is not on your side.
With a cure for Maxine on the way, all that's needed in Venice is a distraction. But with a bounty on your heads and the plague spreading, it might prove more dangerous than you imagined!
You've arrived in Venice with the cure for Maxine, but the plague seems to have evolved.
You're on the way back to the UK with Janine, but will determination be enough when Valmont always seems a step ahead?
A stockpile of the cure for Valmont's plague is in sight, but can you trust everything you've been told?